Hand Forklift Murah Daru 1 ton tinggi 5 meter Berkualitas
 Hand Forklift Murah Daru 1 ton tinggi 5 meter Berkualitas
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15 Apr 2020
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Specification of Hand Forklift Murah Daru 1 ton tinggi 5 meter Berkualitas

Hand Stacker or commonly called a Hand Forklift is a conveyance that is designed to move at the same time able to lift weights according to the capacity of the tool.

The hand stacker uses a hydraulic work system that is operated

by means of manual pumping when increasing the load on the pallet

wood or plastic. Adjustable fork / fork design

its width) makes it easy to use for all

pallet type. Its use was considered to be very efficient for ease

operator in terms of moving and arranging goods in factories, warehouses, shops,

expedition, etc.

Usually this tool is very often used in the industrial world,

because in the industrial sector activities are very common

transportation of large-capacity goods which is not possible

if transported manually by human power. Apart from that this tool can

save operational costs because with this tool the job becomes

easier, lighter, and saves time. Operation of the tool can also be done

with only one person. This lifting equipment has a design

ergonomic, made from sturdy, and the price is economical.

Hand Stacker is divided into 3 types, namely:

1. Hand Stacker Manual,

This type of mechanism uses the mechanism of hydraulic that is operated

use manual pumping at the fork lift and advance

rewind tool. Available capacity of 1 to 2 tons. With a lift height of 1.6

up to 3 meters.

2. Semi Electric Hand Stacker,

in operation, this type of hand stacker has a battery

as a motor drive fork (fork) so that it can be up and down in a way

automatically in the process of moving a load.

3. Full Electric Hand Stacker,

is the latest development of all types of hand stackers, where deep

The operation has used a full electric battery power both inside

lifting or moving weights. Available capacity of 1 to 1.5 tons.

With a lift height of 2.5 to 5 meters.

We provide Dalton and Noblelift Stacker brands.

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